247 Art for an Office 1

公司主管 James找到公关部主任 Felicia.

James: Hey, Felicia...do you have time for a quick conversation?
Felicia: Sure, boss. What's up?

J: I was walking through the hallways of our office yesterday and it struck me that we could use a little beautification around here.

F: Are you thinking about repainting the hallways?

J: Well, actually I was considering buying some art to display around the office and factory grounds. I think we could all benefit from a little touch of culture, don't you think?

F: Yes...that's a great idea. I think looking at beautiful things helps lift morale.

公司主管James说,自己昨天经过公司走廊,突然觉得,We could use a little beautification around here. 我们的工作环境需要美化一下。beautification is spelled b-e-a-u-t-i-f-i-c-a-t-i-o-n, beautification 是名词,意思是美化。原来,James是想购置一些艺术作品,给公司增添些许文化气息。Felicia 表示赞成,她觉得,看到赏心悦目的东西,也有助于 lift morale 提高员工士气。James 说:
J: Yeah, that's what I was thinking. It might brighten up the office and lift people's spirits a bit as well. I'm not really sure about what kind of art to buy though.

F: That is a tricky issue. Everyone has different tastes. You know the old expression: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

J: What about you Felicia? What kind of art do you like?

F: Well, actually I like abstract modern art. I love the works of Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock.

J: I see. So you're a bit of a modernist, huh?

每个人对艺术的偏好都不一样,Everyone has different tastes. taste is spelled t-a-s-t-e, taste 在这里是名词,意思是品味。俗话说: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 只要看的人喜欢,那就是美。这句话经常被用在情感方面,相当于中文里所说的情人眼里出西施。Felicia 说,她偏爱 abstract modern art 抽象派现代艺术。为什么呢?

F: I feel modern art is open to interpretation. Each person looks at the painting with a different understanding and gets a different message from it. Sometimes I find landscape paintings or more traditional art to be a bit boring.

J: Yes, I would agree with that. I don't want any pictures of fruit in bowls hanging on our walls...it needs to be something inspirational!

F: How about you, boss? What kind of art inspires you?

J: I'm a big fan of photography. I like real images captured by a camera. They're so genuine, and I find that I don't get tired of looking at them over and over again.

Felicia 喜欢抽象派现代艺术作品是因为:It is open to interpretation. 这类艺术作品给观众留下了解释的空间,每个人对抽象派艺术作品的解读都可能不一样。James 说,他最喜欢摄影作品。I'm a big fan of photography. 用相机捕捉的真实画面,令人百看不厌。