251 Investing 1

Steve找到同事Bob, 向他请教投资的问题。

Steve: Hey, Bob! You're a financial expert, aren't you? I hear you know a lot about investing.

Bob: Well, I don't like to toot my own horn...but I did go to school for a few years to study stuff like that.

S: Excellent. Do you mind if I pick your brain for a second?

B: For you, my friend, anything. What's on your mind?

S: My wife and I recently inherited some money. It's not a huge amount, but it's enough to make us consider investing. The problem is that neither of us has any experience in this field.

原来,Steve夫妇俩继承了一笔财产,想拿去做投资。他知道Bob在投资方面比较在行,所以想pick his brain跟他咨询一下。to pick someone's brain意思是咨询某人的意见,跟某人讨主意。Bob说,I don't like to toot my own horn. 我不想自吹自擂。To toot one's own horn意思是自吹自擂,类似中文里说的老王卖瓜自卖自夸。Bob听说Steve打算投资后说,
B: I see. Well, that's a nice problem to have, isn't it?

S: Yes, I guess it is. My wife's great uncle passed away last month and we unexpectedly got a call from a lawyer telling us he left us something close to $20,000 in his will.

B: Well, that's the kind of windfall that only comes around every blue moon so I agree that you and your wife really should think about investing. The problem is that there are so many options...Some offer stability but the money grows very slowly. Other options are more risky, but have more earning potential.

原来是Steve妻子从伯祖父那里很意外地继承了将近两万美元。Bob说,that's the kind of windfall that only comes around every blue moon. windfall is spelled w-i-n-d-f-a-l-l, windfall意外收获,飞来横财。every blue moon意思是非常罕见。投资有很多选项,有些相对稳固,但是增长速度慢,有些收益潜力大,但是风险也大。

S: The stock market is one choice, but it really seems quite risky to me.

B: Stocks are risky. Most people who invest in the stock market end up losing money. The people who do make money - such as Warren Buffet - are in it for the long haul, and they have enough money to ride out the low points. I'm not sure I'd recommend you put your money into the stock market.

S: Okay...how about property? Lots of people have told us we should buy an apartment. They say land or real estate will always appreciate in value.

Steve觉得,投资stock market股票市场风险大,Bob表示赞同,说凡是在股市赚钱的人,they are all in it for the long haul. 都是把钱放在股市里走长线,这些人都有足够的财力,能ride out the low points挺得过股市的低落点。To ride out something是经受得住,安然渡过的意思。投资房地产也是选项之一,Bob的意见如何?我们下次继续。