120 Cross-Cultural Sensitivity 1


Paul: Hello and good morning. I'm Paul Higgins and I've been asked to help prep all of you for your new positions.

J&E: Good morning.

P: Well, let's get right down to business, shall we? Each of you will be traveling to business meetings, attending fairs and exhibitions as well as receiving clients from abroad. It's therefore very important that you make a good impression. Let's start with how to greet people.

Paul自我介绍后,马上展开培训get right down to business. Paul说的,to prep someone for his or her new position,指就职前的培训。做为跨国公司雇员,要经常出去开会,参展,接待外国客户,因此给别人的第一印象很重要:It's important to make a good impression.

P: Yes, Emily?

E: Why do some Europeans kiss each other when they say hello? I've even seen men kiss each other!

P: Yes, in some places in Europe such as France, people do give each other a light kiss on the cheek. It's considered friendly and is not sexual in any way.

J: But Americans wouldn't do that, would they?

P: No, it's highly unlikely that an American would offer a kiss.

欧洲人见面喜欢在脸颊上蜻蜓点水地亲一下,a light kiss on the cheek. 那美国人呢? Paul说,It's highly unlikely that an American would offer a kiss. 就是说美国人几乎绝对不可能这样做。

J: But Americans seem to like to hug each other frequently.

P: That's true. In recent years it has become more popular to hug. But usually it's people who have met before and perhaps haven't seen each other in a while that might hug. At a first meeting, a hug would be very unlikely.

E: Hugs kind of creep me out! I don't really like to be touched by strangers.

美国人似乎很喜欢拥抱。Paul解释说,其实,只有很久不见的熟人才会彼此拥抱,初次见面一般不会。Emily说自己不喜欢陌生人碰她。Hugs kind of creep me out! 拥抱让她浑身不自在。

P: Fair enough. I'd say hugging is not usually appropriate in a business situation. Some people are a bit overly friendly.

But if the person initiates it, I'd recommend you grit your teeth and go along with it, otherwise people might think you are rude.

J: So the same rule would apply to getting a kiss from a European: if they initiate it, just go along and be friendly, right?

P: Yes. As the saying goes: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." In other words: follow the local customs.

Paul也承认,拥抱并不适合商业场合,但有些人确实会overly friendly,过份友好。在这种情况下,她建议员工to grit your teeth and go along with it. 咬咬牙,硬着头皮去应和。 Grit is spelled g-r-i-t. 常言说,When in Rome, do as the Romans do. 入乡随俗。