070 Getting Noticed at Meetings in a Positive Way


(Office ambience)

A:You seemed uncomfortable at our meeting. Was something wrong, Chen Hao?


A:I can recognize the signs when you are troubled. Why were you ill at ease?


A:It didn't have to be that way.


A:There are plenty of things you can do in those situations to be noticed.


A:Not exactly. I am talking about positive ways to make an impression. If you want to get ahead in the company, people need to recognize you and know who you are.


A:I saw you come in and you were one of the last to arrive.


A:If you are one of the first to arrive, you are in position to greet other people as they come in. You can introduce yourself before they get into conversations with others.


A:I have a couple of suggestions. Let's talk about them after work. I need to get to my desk.



C:Amy, 你快告诉我,下次开这种会,我该怎么做。

A:It's not as difficult as you think, especially if you find out ahead of time who is going to be there.


A:A couple of ways. If the notice is sent by e-mail, the names of everyone who received the communication are usually listed.


A:Then you pick up the phone and call the person who sent out the notice and ask who will be there.


A:Once you have the names you can inquire about who they are and gather information about them. When you meet them, you'll know enough to engage them in conversation.


A:In that case, you do what successful people do to be impressive - you look at the list of who will be at the meeting, find out something about them and then focus on at least three people you'd like to meet.