220 Internet Security 2


D: We may never be able to trace the origin of this attack. But what we can do is work harder to make our systems impenetrable.

B: Yes, a lot of people are quite lazy with computer security.

D: That's true. For example, many people almost never change their passwords.

B: Or they use ridiculously easy-to-guess passwords.

C: Um....I guess I'm guilty of that. I don't think I've ever changed my password.

Dylan说,他们可能永远都查不到这次骇客袭击是谁干的,但他们可以吃一堑长一智,加倍努力 to make our systems impenetrable. 让我们电脑系统的安全滴水不漏,impenetrable is spelled i-m-p-e-n-e-t-r-a-b-l-e, impenetrable 是无法进入的意思。Brenda说,很多人太大意,不重视电脑安全,从来不换密码,或是用的密码太简单。Cory说,I'm guilty of that. 我就是这种人,从不换密码。Dylan 说,
D: And let me guess.....your password is, "1234."

C: Well, it's not quite that simple....

B: Let me take a guess.... It's your wife's birthday.

C: That's incredible! How did you guess that? Have you been spying on me?

B: (Chuckle) Nope. It's just that you selected one of the most common passwords on the planet. Are you a member of any social networking websites?

C: Yes, a couple.

B: Then your wife's birthday is probably public knowledge.

D: That's right! In the Internet age, very few things are private anymore. If I do a little research on you, I'll bet I can find out where you were born, what school you went to, your wife's maiden name....even the name of your dog!

Dylan和Brenda一下子就猜到了Cory的密码,原来他用的是太太的生日,one of the most common passwords on the planet 最常见的密码之一。由于Cory业余时间用社交网站,所以实际上,他太太的生日简直就是public knowledge 公开的信息。Dylan还说,在互联网和社交网站如此发达的今天,没有多少信息是真正保密的,稍微上网找一下,出生地,上过的学校,太太的名字等等都能找到。Cory说,

C: Wow, I hope I wasn't responsible for this recent attack. What's a good password then?

D: A good password uses a mixture of letters and numbers. For example, think of a simple sentence such as, "I like ice cream on Sundays." Take the first letter from each word in the sentence....and, because Sunday is the first day of the week, add the number 1 at the end.

C: So my password would be, "I-L-I-C-O-S-1?"

B: Yeah! That's a pretty difficult password to break....and it's easy to remember.

D: And....don't forget to change it every couple of months.
C: Good thinking. I'm going to go change my password right now!

Dylan说,密码最好是用字母和数字的组合。他举例说,可以想一句话,I like ice cream on Sundays. 用这句话每个单词的首写字母,最后面再加个1,因为星期天是一周的第一天。这样的密码又好记,又难破译。Cory 高兴地说,他现在就去改密码。