46:no way; to bet

Michael和李华在复习功课,做完功课后他们准备去看电影。在今天的对话中,李华会学到两个常用语:no way和to bet。

L: Michael,准备好了吗?我们要去看电影了。Anna正开车来接我们 呢。

M: Yeah I'm ready...let me get this call though. Hello? Sorry, I can't come to work right now. I have to pick up a friend from the airport. Yep. Sorry I can't help out. OK.

L: 哎呀,Michael,你怎么能骗你同事说你要去机场接人呢? 我觉 得他们可能真的很需要帮手,你就去吧。我们可以下次再看电影 嘛。

M: What? No way! I'm not going to help him!

L: 你说什么?no way 是什么意思啊?

M: No way means that there is no way I will do that. It means that I refuse completely.

L: 噢,我知道了, No, N-O, way, 是W-A-Y, 就是绝对不行的意思, 好象中文里的门儿都没有。 你真的不能帮帮他吗?

M: No way! That guy is just lazy. He is always trying to escape from work and find other people to do his job for him. Nobody trusts him.

L: 可是不管怎么说,我还是觉得同事之间还是应该互相帮忙啊。

M: Really? Well what if Professor Wang called right now and said he needs you to help him grade Chinese test papers all afternoon?

L: No way! 我才不干呢,我以前帮过他好几次忙,可他从来都不付 给我工资,更气人的是他连声谢谢都不肯说。

M: Well anyway, Anna and I have been waiting for a long time to see this movie. There is no way I'm changing my plans.

L: 我明白了,我看你是喜欢Anna,不想错过和她一起看电影的机会 吧。

M: What? No way!

L: 哎,你怎么又说 no way, 这回我又没要求你做任何事情啊。

M: Oh, well sometimes no way also means that's not true or absolutely not. It shows that you disagree with something that somebody said.

L: 得了,我就是觉得你喜欢Anna。

M: No way!

M: Hmm, Anna still isn't here. I bet the traffic is bad.

L: 啊?你说什么?

M: I said "I bet the traffic is bad". That means I think, or I'm pretty sure that the traffic is bad. Bet, B-E-T, as in to bet money.

L: 噢,bet 本来的意思是下赌注,例如赌钱,不过在这里是认为或 相信的意思。

M: That's right. When you bet money, you can't always be 100% sure about your bet.

L: 对啊,赌钱的人不可能100% 地预料到下赌注的结果, 所以说, 如果你说"I bet",表示你是在推测。

M: That's right. Anyway, I'm not worried about Anna, I bet she 'll arrive any minute now.

L: I bet you are right. Anna从来不迟到。哎,你觉得这部电影会好看 吗?

M: I don't know. It's an action movie, so I bet you won't like it very much.

L: 谁说的,其实我也很喜欢动作片啊,当然除了那些烂片子。

M: I bet you'll say it is stupid no matter how good it really is. You always say action movies are stupid.

L: Whatever. 我听好多人说这部电影好看,我想今天电影院一定满 座。

M: Hey, look, there's a red car down the street. I bet that's Anna.

L: No way. Anna 的车比这辆车小多了。

M: Looks like I was right. Let's hurry.

L: I bet Anna 她一定很高兴见到你。

M: No way! Stop joking around like that, ok?

今天李华学到了两个常用语,no way表示不可能;to bet是确信的意思。

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