266 munchies; spread

美式足球超级杯那天,Larry要在家开party, 李华帮他做准备。李华今天要学两个常用语,munchies和spread.

LL: I'm really excited about having a Super Bowl party, Li Hua. I just went to the store and bought lots of munchies, so we will have plenty to eat while we watch the football game.

LH: Munchies? 让我看看?(翻塑料袋的声音)。薯条、花生、开心果,I don't see anything called "munchies."

LL: Munchies is a general word for snacks or things to "munch" on, Li Hua. When watching a football game, I love to eat munchies like chips and pretzels.

LH: 噢,原来munchies是零食的意思!有不咸的吗?

LL: Yes, Li Hua, I do. In the refrigerator, I have some other munchies that I've prepared. I also made a vegetable tray and some sour cream dip.

LH: Wow, 你准备了这么多东西! 看超级杯原来这么重要啊!

LL: Watching the Super Bowl is something many Americans look forward to all year. And part of the fun is inviting friends over to watch the game and share some munchies.

LH: 这跟中国球迷看足球世界杯差不多。他们也是围着电视机,边吃边看,热闹极了。

LL: Every body loves munchies. Speaking of munchies, are you hungry, Li Hua?

LH: 我确实有点儿饿了,不过我不想把这些零食打开,我们还是等客人都到了再说吧!

LL: Oh, don't worry about it, Li Hua. There are plenty of munchies. Go ahead and open what you like.

LH: 那好,我先吃点花生,我最爱吃花生了。

LL: I've got a bad case of the munchies, too, Li Hua. But instead of peanuts, I think I'll munch on some potato chips.

LH: A *case* of the munchies? 你拿的明明是一带零食啊!

LL: When I said I have a case of the munchies, I meant I was really hungry for snacks.

LH: Well, I guess I have a case of the munchies, too, Larry. 这些花生真是太好吃了。

LL: The trouble with munchies is that once you start eating them - it is hard to stop.

LH: 那我们还是忍忍吧,可别把这些零食都吃完了,否则一会儿看球赛的时候就没的吃了。


LL: Thanks for helping me put out the food, Li Hua. I hope this is enough of a spread for the Super Bowl party.

LH: Enough of a spread? 这又是什么意思啊?你是说足够大家吃的吧?

LL: A spread does refer to food, Li Hua - and specifically food set out on a table for a party. And the goal is to have lots of food!

LH: 你准备的可真够丰盛的,That's quite a spread, Larry. 你看,有薯条、花生、开心果、蔬菜、饮料、啤酒,真是应有尽有。

LL: Well, when one puts together a spread, Li Hua, you not only want there to be lots of food, but you also want the spread to look good.

LH: 所以说,spread不光是要准备充足的食物,还要摆放得整齐好看,让人看了赏心悦目?

LL: That's right. Like for this spread, I put the snacks in nice bowls, arranged the vegetables so they look attractive, and got these festive football napkins and cups.

LH: 太棒了,Larry。我知道,你这一桌子食物,从盘子到纸杯,到餐巾纸,都跟橄榄球有关,最适合超级杯的party了.

LL: Thanks, Li Hua. I'm glad you like it.

LH: Larry, 你准备这一桌子东西要花很多钱吗?

LL: This spread wasn't very expensive. But I have been to parties where the hosts clearly spent a lot of money on gourmet foods and expensive wines.

LH: 我还记得去年到市中心的一家大饭店去参加春节联欢活动。They had quite a spread!

LL: I bet it was some spread. You know how much I like Chinese food.

LH: 那明年咱们一起去,你可以亲眼看看!

LL: While the spread I put together isn't as fancy as that, I just hope my friends will enjoy it.

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是munchies, 是零食的意思。另一个是spread, 指丰盛的食物。
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