223 Body Language 1

公司主管Andy向销售部门的Sara和James介绍咨询顾问Monica. Andy说,

Andy: Both of you are among our company's top salespeople. But we can always improve, right? I'd like you to meet Monica Wolf...Monica is a business consultant specializing in body language.

Monica: Hello, Sara. Hello, James. It's great to be here!

Sara: Hello, Monica. You know, I've never really considered how body language affects business.

James: I read a book about body language once, but the book mainly discussed how using proper body language can help you get a date.

Monica是商业咨询师,business consultant, 专长研究body language肢体语言。大家相互认识后,Sara说她从没觉得肢体语言会对做生意有什么影响,James也说,他倒是读过一本关于肢体语言的书,但那是教读者如何 get a date 找个约会的对象,date作为名词,可以指约会,也可以指跟你约会的那个人。Monica听后说:

Monica: Actually, if you think about it, each time you meet a client you're asking them to trust you. It's the same idea when you like someone...you have to make them trust you before they can fall in love with you.

A: You might not think consciously about it, but body language accounts for more than 50% of the message that you're trying to get across.

Monica: Andy is right. Once you've mastered basic body language skills you'll be surprised at how much more effective you will be. Let's take the first point: posture. If you walk into a room with your stomach in, your chest out, your shoulders back and your head high, each one of these signals sends a message saying: "I'm in command of this situation. You can trust me."


to get something across,是把意思传达给对方,比如说I was only trying to get my point across. 我只不过是想把我的看法告诉你。

Monica说,能熟练使用肢体语言也会对工作有很多帮助。首先是体态,走进房间时,要收腹、挺胸、抬头,这就等于是在说,一切都在我的控制之下,你们可以相信我。Andy 接着说:
Andy: When I was hiring salespeople there were several that didn't make the cut. I think one of the main reasons I didn't hire them was because they slouched. It looked like they weren't comfortable, and therefore I couldn't trust them.

Monica: The next most important thing in business is the handshake. You should hold the person's hand firmly and shake a maximum of three times, all while maintaining constant eye contact.

Andy也认为一个人的站姿很重要,他雇人的时候,就曾因为应聘者低头含胸,所以没被雇用,they didn't make the cut. to make the cut 意思是符合标准,达标, to make the cut 这个短语常用在体育中,特别是高尔夫球比赛,指晋级到下一阶段的比赛中去。Monica说,除了仪表体态,握手也很有讲究,一定要握紧,同时 maintain constant eye contact 一直注视着对方的眼睛。还有哪些需要注意的地方呢?我们下次继续听。