134 Piracy 2


B: Come on. If you steal, it means you hurt someone, right? When I buy fake DVDs, who am I hurting?

C: Actually, lots of people. Movie and software companies all over the world have lots of employees performing all kinds of jobs. There are designers, lighting people, make-up people and many, many more. If the company doesn't make money, these people lose their jobs.


C: Besides, isn't the quality of pirated DVDs really terrible?

B: Some of them are pretty bad. Sometimes you can barely hear the dialogue because the audio is so poor.

C: Then why not really enjoy the movie by renting a legal copy? You don't usually watch films again anyway. They just sit on your shelf taking up space!

B: (Laughs) That's true. I have 1000 of these things just lying around. OK, I can sort of see your point. But originals are still way too expensive!

盗版影碟质量差,有时连对话都听不清楚。况且,Carl说,一部电影也不会反复看,无非是放在架子上占地儿。Benny承认,I have 1000 of these things just lying around. 他确实有很多盗版影碟放在那里。可他又说,正版实在是太贵了。Originals are way too expensive. 这里的way起到了强调的效果。

C: Yes, I agree, but I think that will begin to change soon. Pretty soon everything will be digital and you'll be able go online and cheaply buy a legal copy to download. Prices should start to go down soon.

B: It's already happened for music. I can now buy single songs online legally for a very cheap price. Before I had to buy the whole CD, but usually I only liked a couple of the songs on it.


C: Also, don't forget that buying original copies helps pay the salaries of your favorite movie stars. You're a big Jackie Chan fan, right?

B: Yeah! Jackie Chan is the best! Nobody can do stunts like Chan!

C: But how can the movie studios pay Jackie Chan millions of dollars to star in the films if everybody buys fake copies of his movies?

B: Ok, Ok I get it! ...I'll give up pirated movies. ....Now what am I going to do tonight?

C: Want to play chess?

B: Sure!

Carl知道Benny是成龙的影迷,他继续劝Benny说,如果大家都买盗版,谁还付得起几百万美元请成龙拍电影呢?Benny这才终于表示,Ok I get it! I'll give up pirated movies. 意思是,好了,我明白了,以后不买盗版了。