43 Yemi, Yemi, Musician Poet

J: Hello I'm Jody!  Welcome to American Cafe. 

Y:  大家好,我是杨晨。欢迎您到美语咖啡屋。 我们今天的客人是Yemi。Yemi是个很有意思的人,您听了我们的节目保证会喜欢上他。

J: Oh, I think you're going to find Yemi very interesting.  First of all he's a sound engineer.  But that's not all he does.


Yemi: My full name is Yemi... and I'm from Washington, D.C.  I was born in 1976.  I perform, I produce, and write songs under the name, stage name, Nfact which is N-f-a-c-t.   If you'd like more information you can visit my website at Nfactonline.com. 

Y: 你觉不觉得Yemi 的声音让你一听就知道他很会唱歌。 

J: As soon as you hear Yemi, you know he's a singer.  He has a great voice.   

Y: 实际上他确实是个好歌手。而且他告诉我们他很快就要出唱片了 。

J: That's right.  He's soon to release an album, which is a huge step in a musician's career.  So we're really happy for him. 

J: Way to go, Yemi.

Y: Yemi,加油。

J: Again here's Yemi.

Yemi: Um, and ah lately I've been working on my album.  We'll probably sell it at our website and other websites.   

Y: Yemi刚才说他的唱片在网上就可以买到。

J: That's right.  Yemi says that you can buy his album on the Internet.  And not only does Yemi record music, but he also writes poems and performs them a local poetry readings here in Washington D.C.

Y:   Yemi不仅会唱歌,还是个诗人,所以我说他很有意思。

J: On Wednesdays he performs at a place called the Bohemian Caverns, a famous place in Washington DC. 

Y: 每个星期三Yemi都要在一个叫Bohemian Caverns的地方表演诗歌朗诵。

Yemi: My more recent performances lately have been poetry readings at a place called Bohemian Caverns here in Washington D.C.  And every Wednesday they have, ah, local poets come out and read their poetry. 
Y: Poetry reading就是诗歌朗诵。

J: According to Yemi the crowd at Bohemian Caverns is really supportive.  And he says it's inspiring to have other poets listen to his poems.    

Yemi: The Bohemian Caverns ...  my experience there ... it's more like a lot of poets coming out to hear other poets.  Well, I like it because the other poets  listen. They actually listen to what I'm saying and, um, it's supportive.  And then when I hear some of their stuff it kinda of inspires me to go home and write even better poetry.
Y:  一群诗人聚在一起,讨论诗歌、互相支持、互相鼓励。其实说起来Yemi的诗,他的诗内容都很严肃 。他觉得自己有责任要唤醒年轻的一代人,希望他们更加独立,更加有责任感。

J: He feels a responsibility to wake his generation, which he feels has been bred to be dependent - which means raised to rely on other people too much.    
Y: 对,就是太依赖别人,比如太依赖父母,朋友或周围的人。

Yemi: A lot of the stuff that I write has more to do with waking up my generation.  I feel like we've been a generation that's been bred to be dependent.

Y: 下面我们请Yemi来朗读一段他的诗歌。

J: Now, you may not understand all the words in his poem ...

Y:  如果你听不懂不要紧,只要去感觉就可以了。


Nfact, what is this we call rap?
Intertwining words through instruments, instrumentals to your mental.
Weaving and bobbing through notes with verbs,
Is it just that simple?
Oh come now.  Will this ever stop here?  Does this ever stop now? 
Hallelujah is powerful happiness over the people.  But you aint gettin' it.  
Y'all too busy searching for a hero. 
Yes, Yes.  Y'all too busy searching for a hero.
Influenced by high definition reflections,
Raised by idle hands all you found was zero.
'Cause y'all too busy searchin' for a hero.

Y: 希望大家希望Yemi的这首诗,也谢谢大家收听美语咖啡屋。

J: And now we'll leave American Cafe with the rest of Yemi's poem, "Stop Waiting." 


Time to get it together, gather them thoughts.  
Mike check one, mike check two, mike check...
Now in tune to the central nervous system's main board.
Elevate that mind (stop hating.)
Elevate that mind (stop faking.)
Elevate that mind. 
You be the leader, the preacher, the hero.  
Stop searching.  Stop waiting.

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