89:threads; load up sth.

今天Larry和Li Hua下课以后一起去吃午饭,Li Hua会学到两个常用语:threads和load up。

(campus noise)

LL: Hey, Li Hua, those are nice threads you're wearing.

LH: Threads? - 那不是"缝衣服用的线"吗?哎哟,Larry, 你是说我的连衣裙开线了吗?

LL: No, no. Threads, when used in plural, is another word for clothes. I was just telling you that you are wearing nice clothes.

LH: 噢,原来thread用作复数--threads,就可以代表"衣服"。这倒挺合理的,因为衣服就是用线织成的嘛!你刚才说these are nice threads, 原来是夸我的连衣裙漂亮啊!

LL: That's right!

LH: 谢谢你,Larry, 其实,这件连衣裙挺旧的了。 Larry,要是我说一件衣服,是不是要用单数thread?

LL: No. It's always threads. I think that's because even one piece of clothing is made of many threads.

LH: 说得也是,即使一件衣服,也是用很多很多线做成的,所以,还是要用复数 - threads.

LL: So, Li Hua, let me test you. If I say, "I went shopping yesterday and bought lots of threads", what does that mean?

LH: 这么简单的句子,还要考我。你是说"我昨天买了很多衣服"。Larry,你真的买了好多衣服呀?

LL:No, I was just giving you an example. I don't go shopping for threads.


LL: What's wrong with the threads I'm wearing? Oh, please, Li Hua, my threads are just fine -- Jeans and T-shirt are comfortable.


(cafeteria sound)

LL:Hey, not many people in the cafeteria. That's the benefit of coming late.

LH: 来晚了人少是没错,但是好东西可能也都给吃完了。哎,Larry, 我知道你饿了,可是你也不能一下子拿那么多嘛,你吃得完吗?

LL: I won't have time to eat dinner until late, so I'm trying to load up on food now.

LH: 噢,今天你晚饭要很晚才能吃,可是,你说什么 - load up on food? 那是什么意思啊?

LL: To load, load up on something is to get a lot of it, usually so that you can store some of it for later.

LH: 噢,我明白了。你是想午饭多吃点,晚上就不会太饿了。哎,Larry, 除了说吃的东西,load up on还可以用在别的地方吗?

LL: Of course. Do you remember the storm we had last summer? Well, people were worried about losing power, so they loaded up on batteries before the storm.

LH: 去年夏天的那场暴风雨呀?我当然记得。就是啊,当时大家特别担心停电,所以买了好多电池 - We loaded up on batteries.

LL: Yup. Also, Li Hua, we can load up on sleep, too.

LH: 噢,除了可以说load up on food, load up on batteries, 我们还可以说load up on sleep, 意思是多睡觉、多休息。

LL: If you load up on sleep and vitamins, you shouldn't get sick very easily.

LH: 是没错,多休息、多吃维生素,我们就不容易生病了,哇,Larry, 我看你装了整整两盘菜啊,要是我像你这样load up on food,我肯定早就发胖了。

LL: All right, Li Hua, what are you trying to say? You know I don't load up on food like this everyday!


今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语。一个是threads, 在口语里表示"衣服"。另一个是load up on something, 意思是"大量储存某样东西",比如load up on food, 就表示"吃得很多"。

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