228 A Product Recall 2


R: We will then specify the year and model of the ACs included in the recall and set up a web site for our vendors and customers.

H: We should probably set up a toll-free line as well.

R: Yes, that's a good idea, Hank.

S: The company will have to pay for advertisements in major newspapers that explain the recall.

H: Maybe I can speak to some of the members of the press I know and see if they're interested in doing a news story on this. I'm hoping to spin it in our favor by highlighting the fact that this is a precautionary measure.

新闻简报里要说明召回产品的出厂年份和型号,还要专门开设一个网站,方便销售商家和顾客咨询联系。Hank建议再开通一条 toll-free line 免费拨打的电话,他还主动提出,联系一些跟自己关系比较好的媒体,看看有没有人愿意发一篇报道,强调公司这次的产品召回是 a precautionary measure 预防性措施,从而 spin it in our favor. 让这件事朝对我们有利的方向发展。

S: You know, a lot of big companies have been forced to recall products, and as long as they are honest about what happened and proactive in trying to make it better, most people are pretty forgiving of mistakes.

R: Yes. I think people understand that no company is perfect. The main thing we have to avoid is giving the impression of any kind of cover-up.

H: That's right. If people believe we are being completely truthful we should be able to weather this storm.

很多大公司都曾遇到过被迫召回产品的事,只要公司对公众诚恳,并尽可能提前采取措施解决问题,一般都会得到公众的理解和原谅。Rick说,关键是不能让人觉得公司是在cover-up,掩盖些什么。Hank表示认同,只要公众觉得公司说的都是实话,we should be able to weather this storm. 我们就应该能渡过这次难关。to weather the storm是渡过难关的意思。

R: I'm also going to order an inquiry into whether any safety measures were not heeded, or if anybody at our factory was trying to cut corners.

S: We will make the results of the inquiry public as well. We want to be as transparent and open as possible.

R: I want you to talk to all of your department heads and managers and explain our policy. If they know of any other mistakes or safety issues I want to hear about them. Heads will roll if I discover that anyone isn't following our strict quality standards.

H&S: Yes, sir.

Rick 还说,他准备就安全措施的执行情况展开调查,还要看工厂里有没有人偷工减料,to cut corners. Samantha补充道,调查结果最后也要对外公布,尽可能让整个程序做到公开透明。Rick最后要Samantha和Hank回去把公司的决定传达给手下的部门主管和经理,发现问题要即时汇报,如果有人不严格执行公司的质量标准,heads will roll, 意思是这样的人一定会受到严厉的处罚。