033 The Art of Conversatione


(Office ambience)

A:Hi, Chen Hao. How are you today?


A:How can I help you?


A:Where the point is to make business contacts and develop relationships with current or potential clients?


A:What's the problem?


A:Well, The first thing is to prepare your conversation starters ahead of time.


A:Find out who will be there so you will know whom you will be seeing.


A:Find out as much as you can about the guests. The more information you have about them and their business, the easier it will be to talk to them.


A:I suggest you go ask your boss' assistant right now.



C:Amy, 今天的活动是Jepson公司主办的。

A:I happen to know that Mr. Jepson, the president of the company, loves airplanes. He is a licensed pilot and owns quite a number of small planes.

C:Mr. Jepson自己有飞机,还有执照?太好了,我也喜欢飞机。

A:Well, see, you have something in common so you shouldn't have any problems talking to him.


A:Be ready to ask people about themselves. Start your conversations with open-ended questions.

C:Open-ended questions, 那是什么样的问题啊?

A:Those are questions that begin with "how" and "why?" The kinds of questions that people almost have to answer with more than one word.

C:就是要问为什么,怎么样这类的问题, 是吗?

A:Right. Stay away from "when," "where" and "what" since it's easy to give short answer to those questions.


A:Oh, yes, you can. People like to talk about themselves so long as you continue to listen and act interested, they will continue to talk.


A:All you really need to do is repeat or comment on something the other person has said. Like with Mr. Jepson, you could ask how many planes he has?


A:Then you respond, "So you have 25 of your own airplanes?" That's interesting. Tell me about them." And he'll continue to talk.