038 Common Courtesies in the Office


(Office ambience)

CH:Hi Amy, how are you?

A:I'm fine.


A:As a matter of fact there is. I consider you a good friend as well as colleague. You know I have tried to help you as much as I can since you came to work at ABC.


A:Unfortunately we have a problem right now. As we say in the United States, "I have a bone to pick with you".

C:"A bone to pick with me?" 这是什么意思啊?

A:It means that I have a complaint about something that involves you.


A:Forgive me - I may be wrong, but I think you used my office while I was away last week.


A:I would not have minded if you had asked me first.


A:I understand, but you need to be aware that you shouldn't make yourself at home in someone else's office without first asking permission.


A:We will have to continue this later. I have a meeting in five minutes.



A:Chen Hao, you deserve to know what bothered me about your using my office without asking me first. You were not very considerate in some of the things you did.


A:It appears that you ate your lunch in my office.


A:There were crumbs all over my desk.


A:And how do you explain the missing paper clips? I was down to my last few, and when I came back, there weren't any left.


A:And that means that you went through my desk to find them.


A:Well, it's not. Even with good friends. Just because people are not at their desk, doesn't mean that you can make your self at home when they are not there.


A:I accept your apology. In the future remember to ask permission before you use a coworker's desk, office equipment or supplies. When you do receive permission, leave everything as you found it.