42 Liz, Graphic Design to Pastry Chef

J: Hello everyone!  I'm Jody. Welcome to American Cafe

Y: 各位好,我是杨晨。欢迎您到美语咖啡屋。

J: Our guest today is Liz.  She's a friend of mine and also a neighbor in the house where I live.

Y: Jody, 你又采访了你的朋友?我看你快把你的朋友和邻居得罪光了。

J: Oh, no no.  They're used to it.  And I think they really enjoy it.  Anyway, Liz and I we were talking the other day and I found out that she changed her job.  

Y:  那她原来是做什么的?

J: Graphic Design.   Graphic.  G-R-A-H-I-C  Design. D-E-S-I-G-N

Y: Graphic Design 就是图像设计。那下面我们就请Liz  介绍一下什么是 graphic design。

Liz: Hmmm Graphic Design.  I guess dealing with visual matter for a specific purpose.

J: Graphic Design pretty much deals with visual matter for a specific purpose.  


J: Well, according to Liz she is not a technology-oriented person.  And if you're a graphic designer you really need to like technology and especially computers. 

Y: 那她后来换了什么工作?

J: Her current job is a pastry chef!  Pastry is spelled p-a-s-t-r-y.  Chef, c-h-e-f.  Pastry Chef!  Everybody loves a pastry chef!

Y:  Pastry chef是做糕点的师傅。这很奇怪,作糕点的师傅和图像设计好像没有什么关系啊。
J: Well, not really.  There is a connection between graphic design and making pastries.

Y: 你又跟我开玩笑!

J: Well, Liz says that her love of being creative and working with her hands are found in both graphic design and pastry making.  Again, here's Liz.

Liz: I'm not a very technology-oriented person.  So, um, I don't know, I just...I love to cook and I thought the creative side of side of pastry would be good, um, mixed with the graphic design past.  The love of being creative and just working with your hands ... so, I just decided to do pastry. 

Y: 创造力和动手的能力...yeah,  这么说起来图像设计和做糕点是有点关系。  Liz刚才说到 "technology-oriented."  人们常常用它来形容一个人有技术头脑,对技术感兴趣。

J: For example, "I am a very nature-oriented person."  Or another example, "He is not very mechanically-oriented."  You try it, Yang Chen.

Y: I'm not a very work-oriented person. 

J: Okay.  I would have to agree with that.  That's funny.  Um, let's hear more about why Liz chose to become a pastry chef.   

Liz: First of all people have sweet tooth so they need to satisfy that. 

Y: 说一个人有a big sweet tooth就是说这个人特别喜欢吃甜的东西。

J: Exactly!  I have a big sweet tooth!  Again here's Liz. 

Liz: I think a cake can bring people together.  'Cause a cake is kind of a form of a card you can write things on it. 

Y:  她说的没错。蛋糕就象是一张卡片一样,人们可以在上面画图画,可以写字,比如生日快乐,或者放一朵花;你可以把它装饰得非常漂亮。说起来甜点,那Liz做这一行赚钱吗?

J: Oh absolutely there's always a celebration or significant event where you need a cake.

Liz: A wedding, birthday, um ... graduation, um... Oh boy, I'm drawing a blank.

Y: "I'm drawing a blank" 这是什么意思呢?

J: To draw a blank means that ah, well, you know ... it's kind of like when your mind is ... What were we talking about?

Y:   我现在明白了。就像你这样,完全忘了刚才说什么,脑袋一片空白。

J: That is drawing a blank.  Thanks for joining us on American Cafe.  See you next time!   

Y: 谢谢收听美语咖啡屋,我们下次节目再见!

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