41 Eric, Day Of A Teenager

J: Hello I'm Jody and welcome to American Cafe!
Y:  大家好。我是杨晨。欢迎您到美语咖啡屋。Jody我们为什么放这个音乐?我现在觉得我到了太空一样。 

J: Because, Yang Chen, today we are visiting a different world.  The world of teenagers!! 

Y: No! 我们能不能谈点儿别的?

J: Calm down, calm down.  It'll be okay.  Besides we were all teenagers once.  Do you remember when you became a teenager?

Y: 不记得了,好象太遥远了。

J: It does feel like a long time ago.  But it was only a mere 10 years. 

Y: 十年前! 你数学怎么学的?

J: Oh, never you mind.  Anyway, today, we're going to revisit that awkward time when you're no longer a child and not yet an adult.  So, without further delay let's meet Eric, a student in Virginia who celebrates his birthday on New Year's Day.    

Eric: My name is Eric.  I am thriteen.  My birthday is January 1st, 1991.   And I go to Hayfield Secondary School in Virginia. 

J: Eric's is a teenager alright.  Can you hear how his voice is starting to change? 

Y:  没错,听得出来他的声音好象在变粗。唉,我很好奇一个13岁的男孩每天都作些什么?

J: That's just what we're going to find out.  So, here's Eric as he walks us through a normal school day.

Eric: I shower, get dressed and go downstairs, eat breakfast and get my stuff ready for school. 

Y: Eric刚才谈的是他到学校以前先洗澡,然后穿好衣服,然后到楼下吃饭,然后gets his stuff ready for school.  "Stuff" 这个词好象特别有用。

J: Very useful.

Y: 那他到了学校以后都作些什么呢?

J: Well, Eric's classes include strings, ah, which means his music lesson for viola.

Y: 中提琴。

J: Right.  And Eric must really enjoy his strings class because he has trouble remembering what he has next. 

Eric: First thing I go to strings, then I run off to dra, no, civics, no, let me think real quick ... health or P.E., which will be P.E. when I get out of Winter Break.  And  then we have homeroom and then lunch.  And then I have algebra everyday.  And then I have English.  And then I jump on a bus and go home and do stuff.

Y: Jody 等一等。你得解释一下什么是P.E.?  什么是homeroom.

J: Oh, right.  P.E. stands for physical education.  You know, gym class. 

Y:  P.E. 是体育课的意思。  那homeroom该怎么理解呢?

J: Homeroom is difficult to explain.  It's kind like a break.  Or a study hall if you have a strict teacher. 

Y: 我还是不太明白。那我们就让 Eric 来解释一下,好不好?

Eric: Homeroom is where we can do whatever we want.  But some teachers are mean and have you like read or do your homework.  Oh, they let you do whatever you want; talk loudly, throw stuff  things at people. 

Y: Eric刚才是不是还说他们有时候会  "throw stuff"? 

J: Again stuff.  Yes. He did.  But I think, Yang Chen, he was just joking.  Or maybe not.  I don't know how bad kids are these days. 

Y: Hmm,  "do stuff" ... 上了一天的学,那他回家后都做些什么呢?

Eric: Well, I like to play video games and I's say that about 75 percent of American teenagers play video games. 

Y: 说起电子游戏,其实不光是美国的小孩儿,全世界的小孩儿都迷电子游戏。 

J: Oh, most definitely.  According to Eric, some of the most popular video games these days are role playing video games.   

Y:  就是说玩的人可以扮演里面的人物。

Eric: I like Baten Kaitos.  Baten Kaitos is a game where you are trying to save the world from an evil God and find out where the ocean has gone.  

Y: Wow, Eric 要从一个邪恶之神手中拯救世界,还要寻找一个迷失的海洋。他可真够忙的啊。

J: Wow, he's a busy teenager.

Y: 那我们就祝他好运吧。好,各位听众,谢谢大家收听美语咖啡屋,我们下次节目再见。

J: See you next time on American Cafe!

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