275 mean streak; soft spot

李华和Larry一起去骑马。李华今天要学两个常用语,mean streak和soft spot.

LL: If this is your first time riding a horse, Li Hua, I think you shouldn't ride that black one over there. That horse looks like he's got a mean streak.

LH: A mean streak? 你说那匹黑马吗?如果我没理解错, mean streak就是mean, 坏脾气的意思吧。

LL: That's exactly what I am saying, Li Hua. A mean streak is the potential for meanness.

LH: 那如果马的脾气太烈,会伤害骑手吗?

LL: A horse with a mean streak might refuse to let a rider get on - or even worse might try to throw a rider off their back.

LH: 我在电影里看过,有的马性情暴躁,会把骑手从马背上摔下来,看来真得小心。那匹灰色的小马看着挺随和的。那我就骑它吧。It can't possibly have a mean streak.

LL: You know, Li Hua, it isn't only horses that can have mean streaks. People can, too.

LH: Mean streak也能用在人身上?

LL: Do you remember the super model Naomi Campbell? She was in the news for throwing her cell phone at her housekeeper.

LH: 我记得,那个英国名模,我们叫他黑珍珠,她还有一次因为行李丢了,大发雷霆,还动手打了警察呢!

LL: That super model reminds me of a famous basketball coach in the U.S. who also had a mean streak.

LH: 篮球教练?你说谁?

LL: The former coach of the Indiana University basketball team Bobby Knight was famous for his mean streak.

LH: 我知道印第安纳大学校队很厉害,可是没听说过他们教练的故事。那你赶快告诉我!

LL: There was one time he got so mad, Li Hua, he threw a chair out on the basketball court during a game!

LH: 他竟然在比赛的时候把椅子扔到赛场上?太暴躁了!Boy, that coach really did have a mean streak.

LL: Well, it is time to get on our horses, Li Hua. You can take the nice gray horse, and I'll try the black one with the mean streak.

LH: 小心点,Larry.

LL: Don't worry, Li Hua. I'll show that horse who is boss! I have a mean streak, too!


LL: So, now that we have been riding for a while, Li Hua, I don't think this black horse is so bad. I am actually developing a soft spot for him.

LH: A soft spot? 什么是soft spot啊?

LL: A soft spot is a feeling of tenderness or affection for a person or thing.

LH: 你不会是喜欢上这匹黑马了吧?你忘了,刚才它还对你又踢又咬呢!

LL: I know it may seem funny, but, yes, even though this horse tried to bite me and throw me off his back, I do have a soft spot for him.

LH: 这么烈的马,你怎么会喜欢呢?真搞不清楚!

LL: Well, ever since I showed him I was in control, he's been very good. And he's a handsome horse, too. It's hard to explain, but sometimes you end up having a soft spot for a thing or a person that isn't perfect.

LH: 我有点儿明白了。像是我中文班里有几个特别好的学生,可是不知道为什么,反而是一个学得不怎么样的孩子最让我挂心。

LL: So, why do you have a soft spot for this particular student, Li Hua?

LH: 人跟人不一样,有人就是不擅长学语言,那个学生发音不够标准,而且总也记不住中文方块字的模样。

LL: This person doesn't sound like the kind of person I'd have a soft spot for if I were a teacher, Li Hua.

LH: 他虽然不是个天才型的学生,可是每天上课都特别努力。我想喜欢他,大概是因为希望他能学好吧。

LL: You are such a dedicated teacher, Li Hua. I know there are students who have a soft spot for you.

LH: 那可不一定,我那些学生肯定觉得我很厉害。

LL: Oh, I don't believe that. Say, why don't we ride back to the ranch now, Li Hua. I'm getting a little thirsty and could use a drink.

LH: 好啊。哎?我的马怎么不走了?

LL: It looks like your horse is hungry, Li Hua. He apparently has a soft spot for that clump of flowers!

LH: 这下可惨了,谁它要吃到什么时候。

今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是mean streak, 指坏脾气。另一个是soft spot, 指为什么事情动心。

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