023C 移民入籍: 高级课程

Professor: Amir just became an American citizen, and this year he is voting in his first American election. Today he is having breakfast with his wife, Sharon, and they're talking about the upcoming election.

Amir: So honey, who do you think you're going to vote for in the election? I really like both the Republican and Democratic candidates, but I can't decide who to vote for.

Sharon: You like both of them? I think they're both terrible. For me the question isn't who I like the most, but who I dislike the least!

Amir: Well, I guess that's an interesting way to look at it. To be honest I don't care if Virginia is a blue state or a red state. I just want a moderate candidate who will do a good job.

Sharon: Yeah, you're right. The only thing I care about is that whoever wins isn't too partisan.

看来Amir和Sharon都是moderate voters - 温和的选民。不过我不明白,Amir说,他不在乎Virginia州变成blue state or red state,这是什么意思呢?

Professor: In America, the color red represents the Republican Party, and the color blue represents the Democratic Party.


Professor: Right! And Sharon says she doesn't want a candidate who is too partisan. Someone is partisan if he refuses to compromise with the other side.

哦, partisan 就是“党派性的”

Amir: Well what do you think the results are going to be? Virginia used to always be a landslide for the Republicans, but these days it's a tossup.

Sharon: You're right, it's pretty hard to say. But since the incumbent is a Republican, I'd have to give him a slight advantage.

Amir: Yeah, incumbents always have an easier time with fundraising, and everybody already knows them because they've been in office for a while.

Sharon: Yeah, but judging by what a bad job he's done, I don't think that name recognition is going to help him!

看来这次选举竞争很激烈。现在选举结果是tossup - 就像扔硬币一样,胜选机会是一半一半,哪个候选人都不会有landslide - 压倒性胜利。

Professor: Exactly. But one candidate has an advantage, right?

对,那就是the incumbent - 现在在任的州长。Amir说,他在fundraising - 筹款,和name recognition - 知名度方面,都有优势。

Professor: That's true, but name recognition isn't always a good thing, right?


Amir: A lot of analysts are saying that the election is going to be decided by turnout. The more people vote, the more it's likely to benefit the Democrat.

Sharon: (Sigh) .... Amir, can we stop talking about politics? I just want to eat my breakfast in peace.

Amir: But Sharon, this is my first time voting in an American election. Can't you understand how excited I am?

Sharon: Look, if you're really into the election, why don't you listen to the pundits talk about it?

Amir: Come on Sharon, how can you think about eating breakfast at a time like this? This election is going to decide the future of our country!

Sharon: Amir, if you don't stop talking about politics, it's going to decide the future of your marriage!

professor, 什么叫"turnout"?

Professor: Turnout is the number of people who actually go out and vote on election day. In the US, turnout is usually about 50 percent across the country.

哦, turnout就是投票人数。 那么,什么叫pundits呢?

Professor: Pundits are professional commentators. They are famous people who spend all their time talking about their views on current events.

哦,就是那些专门在电视广播里对时事发表看法的评论家! 这么说,我同意Sharon的观点。现在,只要一开电视,到处都是pundits,已经够烦人了,谁还想自己家里的老公也每天大谈政治呢?