Tunisia Detains 12 in Connection with Hotel Attacks

    02 July, 2015

    Tunisia has detained 12 people in connection with an attack last week that killed 38 people, an official said Thursday.

    Security forces killed the gunman following the mass shooting Friday in the city of Sousse. Officials said he was the only shooter. But they have been searching for people who may have given him help before the attack.

    The Islamic State group claimed responsibility, just as it did when two gunmen killed 21 people at the Bardo museum in Tunis in March. Most of the dead in both attacks were foreign tourists.

    Afghan court cancels death sentences in mob killing of woman

    An appeals court in Afghanistan has cancelled death sentences given to four men found guilty of murder earlier this year.

    Tourist police officers patrol at the beach  in Sousse, Tunisia, July 1, 2015.
    Tourist police officers patrol at the beach in Sousse, Tunisia, July 1, 2015.

    One defense attorney told VOA that three of the men were re-sentenced to 20-year terms. The fourth convict was sentenced to 10 years because he was 17 when the crime took place.

    Farkhunda Malikzada was 27 years old when a mob attacked and killed her last March in Kabul. A mullah had accused her of burning the Koran just before the attack. An investigation showed no evidence of that accusation.

    At least 36 dead in Philippines boat accident

    Philippine officials said at least 36 people are dead and more are missing after a passenger boat capsized in the central part of the country.

    The Kim Nirvana was carrying 189 people Thursday when officials said it went down only a kilometer from Ormoc City on the island of Leyte.

    The coast guard said at least 127 people have been rescued. Divers are searching for at least 26 other people.

    U.S., Japan to play in Women's World Cup final

    The U.S. women's soccer team will get a rematch with Japan, the team that beat them in the 2011 Women's World Cup final. The two will play Sunday in Vancouver, Canada.

    Japan moved forward in competition Wednesday after defeating England in play in Alberta, Canada. The score was 2-1. England player Laura Bassett made the winning goal for Japan when she accidentally sent the ball into her team's net.


    Words in the News

    detain – v. to keep (someone) in official custody, typically for questioning about a crime or in politically sensitive situations.

    tourist n. a person who travels to a place for pleasure

    mob n. a large group or crowd of people who are angry or violent or difficult to control

    capsize – v. to turn so that the bottom is on top

    rematch – n. a match or game that is played by the same people or teams after an earlier match or game — usually singular