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    This week, twelve American states voted for candidates for elections in November. Tuesday was the busiest day of the primary season -- and women were the big winners.
    本周,美国12个州完成11月选举候选人投票。星期二是初选最繁忙的一天 - 女性是最大的赢家。(注:今年11月2号将举行美国国会中期选举)

    In California, the Republicans nominated two businesswomen for governor and United States senator. Both are former heads of technology companies. They spent millions of their own money on their campaigns.

    The nominee to replace Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who faces a term limit, is Meg Whitman. She led the online marketplace eBay. She will face Democrat and former governor Jerry Brown.
    梅格·惠特曼Meg Whitman(Meg Whitman)被提名取代面临连任限制的加州现任州长阿诺德施瓦辛格,她曾领导在线拍卖网站eBay。她将与前州长、民主党候选人杰瑞·布朗竞选加州州长一职。

    Carly Fiorina led Hewlett-Packard until she lost her job in two thousand five. She will try to deny a fourth term to Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer.

    In South Carolina, state representative Nikki Haley won more votes than the three men who sought the Republican nomination for governor. But she was just short of a majority, so she will face a runoff election.
    在南卡罗来纳州,州代表妮基·哈蕾(Nikki Haley)比三位谋求共和党州长提名的男性赢得了更多选票,但只是微弱多数,她将面临决选。

    She is the daughter of Indian Sikh immigrants. And she is a favorite of the Tea Party, a conservative but loosely organized movement.

    The campaign included accusations that she cheated on her husband, which she denied.

    In Arkansas, Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln narrowly won nomination to a third term. Arkansas native Bill Clinton campaigned for her.
    在阿肯色州,民主党参议员布兰奇·林肯(Blanche Lincoln)在第三个任期的提名中险胜。阿克色州出生的(前总统)比尔·克林顿为她助选。

    But labor unions and progressive groups tried to defeat her for opposing a "public option." That was the idea of a government health-insurance program. She also opposed efforts to make it easier for unions to gain members.

    Now, Senator Lincoln faces Republican congressman John Boozman in the general election.

    And in Nevada, Republicans nominated Sharron Angle for the Senate with strong support from Tea Party activists. The former state lawmaker will now try to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
    而在内华达州,共和党参议员提名人莎伦.安格尔(Sharron Angle)获得了茶叶党的强力支持,这位前州议员试图打败参议院多数党领袖哈里·里德(Harry Reid)。

    Public opinion surveys show voters are angry with office holders. But political scientist Larry Sabato at the University of Virginia thinks the media has overstated anti-incumbent feelings.

    LARRY SABATO: "the message I see coming out of the primaries is that the party base on the Democratic and Republican side is actually fairly satisfied with the people who are representing them. That may not be true of the independents, including the Tea Party people. They will vote in November for the most part. But for now, we don't see the kind of ant-incumbent wave that many have been discussing."

    Larry Sabato also says Democrats were happy that Republicans nominated very conservative candidates supported by the Tea Party. He says Democrats now see a much better chance to win some of those races.

    The elections in November come midway in President Obama's term. Historically, the party in the White House -- currently the Democratic Party -- suffers losses in midterm elections. But incumbent Republicans have also lost primary races this year.

    In California, voters passed a measure to replace their primary election system, starting next year. They agreed to a single primary for all candidates from any party, or no party, in congressional, statewide and legislative races. The two candidates with the most votes will face each other in the general election. Voters in Washington State approved a system like this in two thousand four.